Lexus A Moment More

Lexus in South Africa is promoting the Lexus IS-F with an experiment in acceleration and time. In the October of 1971 scientists took two atomic clocks, placed one in a jet while the other remained on the ground. They wanted to prove the theory of special relativity which said that at acceleration time slows down. A clock at speed should run slower than a clock at rest. At the speed of light perhaps time might stop entirely. In 2010 the 311 kw V8 Lexus IS-F begins.

Lexus a moment more

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The Lexus Moment campaign was developed at Draft FCB, Johannesburg, by executive creative director Grant Jacobsen, copywriter Erin Brooks, art director Leon Moodley, head of broadcast Rachel Andreotti, agency producer Wakhile Sithole and account director Struan de Belleylay-Bourquin.

Filming was shot by director Adrian De Sa Garces via Velocity Films, Cape Town, with producer Karen Kloppers and director of photography Peter Tischhauser.

Post production was done at Left Post Productions by editor Saki Bergh, producer Jacqui Pearson. Online post production was done at Condor Post and Blade Works. Sound was designed and mixed at Audiomilitia.