Lego Imagination Allowed

Lego’s box sets come with suggestions for construction yet leave room for imagination. That’s the concept explored in this award-winning print advertising campaign from Leo Burnett Russia. The Grand Prix for design and art direction at the Golden Drum Awards was given to this campaign of three print advertisements: Spaceship (Taj Mahal), Deep Ocean Explorer (Grand Carousel) and Beetle (Imperial Flagship).

Lego Taj Mahal spaceship

Lego Carousel Deep Ocean Explorer

Lego Imperial Flagship Beetle


The Lego campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Russia by creative director was Mikhail Kudashkin, art director Arina Avdeeva, copywriter Rodrigo Linhares and designers Dmitry Jakovlev, Asya Boukhnina, Viktoria Prokopavichute, with illustration and photography produced at Ninjafilms.

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