Lapte de Monor Milk Cartons

Monor, a milk products company in Romania, has launched a newly designed packaging line using black and white (3.5% fat), brown and white (1.5% fat) and dark brown and white (chocolate milk) cow skin designs. The new design is hoped to strengthen Monor’s reputation for fresh and natural quality. There’s a risk, though, that the squeamish will be turned off by the thought of real dairy cows with real skin and hair producing their milk.

Lapte de Monor Black and White Carton

Lapte de Monor Black and White Carton
Lapte de Monor Black and White Carton

The new design has been backed up with a video advertising campaign placing the cartons in a cartoon farm world.


The new design range was developed at Vitrina, Bucharest.

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  • Deux Doppel

    It would be more disturbing if meat packaging took this approach wouldn’t it.

    On a Polish market from a long time!!!!

  • (Thanks for the feature.)

    Laciate from Poland has “cartoon”-like graphics, whereas our designer opted for a more photo-realistic approach. (Laciate does have a photo-realistic background on their website, that’s true. But the milk on the shelves in stores is with drawing of cow skin.)

    In this manner, you could compare a milk carton with a drawing of a cow (which most dairy producers do and do it originally, each with it’s own character – see Fulga) with a milk carton showing a picture of a real cow. The two milk carton have different product statements and positioning with their target’s perspective on milk.