Lady Gaga Telephone with Beyonce

Lady Gaga has launched the music video for “Telephone”, featuring Beyonce in a follow up to the earlier music video for “Paparazzi”. The previous spot ended with Lady Gaga poisoning her leading man played by Alexander Skarsgard. In this 9 minute film Lady Gaga is released from County Jail Prison for Bitches by Beyonce to head off on a fresh crime spree in the Pussy Wagon from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. They call into a roadside restaurant to deal with Beyonce’s ex boyfriend (Tyrese Gibson) and fellow diners before heading off for what promises to be a Thelma and Louise style car chase. Product placements include a Virgin Mobile,, Polaroid, Wonder Classic Bread, Kraft Miracle Whip and a Honey Bun.

Lady Gaga with Beyonce in Telephone music video

Click on the image below to play the video.


“Telephone” music video was directed by Jonas Akerlund via Serial Pictures and RAF, Stockholm, with director of photography Pär M Ekberg, producers Shelly Jury, Nicole Ehrlich, Vincent Herbert, Troy Carter, and editor Christian Larson.

VFX were produced at The Chimney Pot, Stockholm, by visual effects artist Peter Tornestam. Colorist was Dave Hussey at Company 3.