Kleenex for Good Times and Bad

Kimberly-Clark has commissioned three posters by illustrator Gail Armstrong used to promote their internal staff awards. Each poster shows two images reflecting the potential positive and negative aspects of the same scenario – YES/NO for love, GLORY/FAILURE for footballer and KING/FOOL for the rockstar. The campaign is associated with the Kleenex “Let It All Out’ drive, assuring staff that Kleenex is there for the good and the bad.

Kleenex Yes and No

Kleenex Glory and Failure

Kleenex King and Fool


The Kleenex campaign was developed at JWT, London, by creative directors Russell Ramsey and Dominick Lynch-Robinson, art director/copywriter Christiano Neves, art buyer Coco Weir, project manager Kevin Noble. Illustration by Gail Armstrong was photographed by Jonny Thompson.

Gail gives her angle on the work…

“I was briefed to make everything from paper and was allowed free reign with how I wanted to interpret the typography elements. I worked with a limited pallet of colours of papers so that the three posters would work well as a set and used Kleenex tissues bonded to cartridge paper to form the clouds and the flying tissues for the Let it out text.”