Kia Sorento Joy Ride

Kia has launched its first Super Bowl commercial, promoting the All-New 2011 Sorento, with a team of animated toys Sock Puppet Monkey, Muno, Robot, Mr X and Teddy Bear having fun in scenic locations including Las Vegas, bowling, jet skiing, making snow angels, riding the bull and soaking in the spa. Music is “How You Like Me Now” by UK band The Heavy.

Kia Toys

Click on the image below to play the Joyride Dream commercial in YouTube

The campaign is online at Kia Motors and includes a set of electronic fun cards featuring the famous five.

Kia Toys

Kia Toys

Kia Toys


The Sorento Toys campaign was developed at David & Goliath by chief creative officer David Angelo, executive creative director/art director Colin Jeffery, associate creative director/art director David Cuccinello, associate creative director/copywriter Napper Tandy, copywriter Linda Knight and executive producer/managing director Carol Lombard.

“Inspiration can come from anywhere,” said David & Goliath Executive Director Colin Jeffery. “This project was inspired by real life. Many of the people who worked on it are young parents including myself. This was an opportunity for us to share some of our favorite things with the world, Bla Bla Kids being one of them. We found the idea and our cast of characters sitting in the back of our cars. The idea was quite literally staring us in the face. We had a tough time deciding which Blabla to use in the commercial since everyone involved had their favorite. Mr. X came out tops. He fuses old world and new world perfectly. And he has an awesome top hat.”

Filming was shot by director Carl Erik Rinsch via RSA Films, Los Angeles, with executive producer Marjie Abrahams, producer Annie Johnson and director of photography Dariusz Wolski.

Editor was Paul Martinez at Arcade Edit with assistant editors Nick Rondau and Dean Miyahira. Colorist was Matt Turner at Company 3.

VFX were produced at Asylum

Audio was produced by Robert Feist at Ravenswork.

Mr X is a toy produced by Bla Bla Kids. Muno is a character from the Nickolodeon Jr show Yo Gabba Gabba!.

  • Well spotted.

  • Annacronism

    The monkey is not a ‘socket puppet’. It is just a sock monkey, made from a particular type of sock known as a ‘road monkey’. My grandfather and my dad both used to wear them. Thank you. A.D.

    • Halo13

      you wouldn’t happen to know who the actor/actress that played the sock monkey was, or if it was do ya? My Wife says its being played by a male I always say it was a female because of the way it walks in a part of the commercial. Don’t even ask how this came up Because I honestly don’t know its what you do when the commercials are on and tivo is on live TV already.

      • BKConnelly

        I was told by someone inside Kia that the actor was named Bonnie. He at first thought he was talking Bonnie the actor, when he was talking to me, Bonnie, the actual maker and licensor of the handheld sock monkey you see in that ad. So, I know that much. It was a woman named Bonnie.

  • Karen

    My boyfriend swears that Muno is a dildo!!! I told him he is on too much pain medicine.

  • The Sock Money was played by Bonnie Morgan (SAG) and Muno was played by TonyTV (SAG)(Tony Ferro) that’s me!

  • ones

    *whew* Glad to hear the sock monkey is a female, a friend and i both have a thing for her. As for Muno, not so much a dildo but a french tickler. Great commercial!

  • Bill

    You have yourself a wining commercial. I get the biggest kick when I see the Robot doing the robot in the nightclub, and it keeps me at the television until the commercial finishes. Other car commercials, I will just walk away. I have acura, and I even get bored with their commercials, but this one for some reason keeps me glued to the TV. Maybe it is because the toys come to life. Or, are you saying when I drive a KIA Sorento I will come to life? Anyways, great commercial and I hope you come up with more commercials based on this toys come to life..GREAT COMMERCIAL

    • Kristin

      Bill, I couldn’t have said it better myself 😉

  • KathStath

    I LOVE this ad campaign. It’s absolutely adorable and the music is great! It really makes me want to run out and buy a Sorento when I win the lottery. I never get tired of watching it when it comes on. It is so clever and well done. The Sock Monkey getting a woven “tattoo” that reads, “MOM” and the Robot doing the “Robot” at the club are briliant touches. And when it turns out they are all just little toys in the back seat of the car, it is such a sweet twist. I will be sorry to see the campaign end.

  • Linda Holleman

    I LOVE this commercial! Tony and Bonnie did a GREAT job! I am also impressed with the Teddy Bear. He/she? Did a great job also. Very cute.

    Linda :o)

  • michelle


  • Megan

    does anyone know where the road and lake scenes were filmed? any chance they were on the mountains near idyllwild, ca? i think i recognize them in the background. =]

  • ashley

    ok, what is the red cartoon with all the bumps and one eye?… whats its name?

  • Ed Calkins

    Love the commercial, my daughter just bought a Kia and we want to find where we can buy all 5 toys to put in the back of her car for Christmas. Any suggestions?