Keystone Keith Stone Always Smooth

Keystone Light beer, the “Always Smooth” convenience store beer, is brought to the young adult male audience by Keith Stone, an easy going and confident personality who embodies the brand’s “Always Smooth” mantra. Two television commercials launched in April introduced the laid back easy talking character, played by Mitchell Jarvis, who smoothes over stressful situations involving women. In “Rescue”, Stone is asked by an elderly women in distress to rescue her “Kiki” who is stuck in a tree. In “Bride” Stone cuts short a distressed bride’s phonecall with his long beef jerky stick, letting her know everything’s going to be OK. Keith has a presence on Facebook, inviting people to add their photographs to his “30 pack”.

Keith Stone Facebook page

Click on the image below to play the Kiki video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Bride video in YouTube

Both TV spots aired during male-oriented programming on networks such as Comedy Central and FX, as well as on “Funny or Die”, supported with national radio, digital and out-of-home ads. As the official beer of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, Keystone Light aired TV commercials during each locally supported NASCAR race on Speed Channel and leveraged that network’s Hot Rod TV program to showcase a Keith Stone customized ad and a custom-built Keystone Light Camaro.


The Keith Stone campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New York by chief creative officer Gerry Graf, creative directors Ralph Watson and Dan Kelleher, art director Kristin Graham and copywriter Mitch Gage, executive producer Bruce Andreini.

Filming was shot by director Tom Kuntz via MJZ Los Angeles with director of photography Bryan Newman, line producer Scott Kaplan and executive producer Jeff Scruton. Editor was Gavin Cutler at Mackenzie Cutler, New York. Sound was designed by Sam Schaffer.

  • Josh Bruno

    I refer to the Keystone commercial with the actor Mitchell Jarvis, the Kiki commercial where he climbs the tree to get Kiki down. If there is such a thing as an academy award for commercials, this guy gets my vote!
    I relate to the way he performs that commercial because of a recurring dream I had in my youth where a frenchman in a black tuxedo appeared in my dream on a busy New York street, always with his back to me. He seemed so out of place, I just wanted to know his name so I tapped him on the shoulder asking, “What’s your name?”, He finally turned to me with that look of being annoyed by my audacity to disrupt him. Brushing off the area on his tuxedo where I had talled him on the shoulder, he looks at me and says, “Very well monsieur, I am refered to as Lemon Pion”! The pronounciation of that name in french tickled my funny bone and stayed with me for years! In you commercial, when Mitchell Jarvis responds with “My name, is Keith Stone” everything in his expression reminds me of the gentleman refered to as Lemon Pion!!

    Definitely Academy Award stuff!


  • Scott

    Terrible. Someone should put end to bad commercials like this.

    • cris green

      hell i actually baught my kiethstone atire today at’s goonna be sick

    • Lester tha Malester cockinstuff

      This is a great commercial! Someone should put an end to stupid comments people like you!

  • The Dude

    Great commericals I think I might be him for Halloween and put many of young women out of distress.

    • Lester tha Malester cockinstuff

      I like you style…. I plan on doing the same. Good hunting sir.

  • The Dude

    I know a Keith Stone who is landing a job on Wall Street.

    • Keith Stone

      The dude abides

  • The Dude

    How about bringing 30 packs all states.

  • Bobb

    Anybody see keith on HotRod TV? He aint very smooth on there. He looks like he is trying to hard to act. It almost looked like he was stuck between joe dirt and mike myers.
    Do all Keystone drinkers act and look like that?

    • Bill

      I’ve enjoyed the commercials, but, his appearance on HotRod TV was just too much. It became downright annoying when they cut away from the build for his 10 second ad lib. Keep him for the commercials and photo ops, and keep him silent for anything else, please…

      • David

        I couldn’t agree more. You sir are 100% correct. He was getting downright annoying on his Hot Rod TV appearance. +for Bob, he does look like a cross between Mike Myers and Joe Dirt. I’m sure they do, after all, Keystone is the official beer of the NASCAR Camping World Truck series. Talk about redneck heaven.

  • Lester tha Malester cockinstuff

    Keith Stone is the MAN!

  • Anita Landry

    Great commercial! So funny!

  • Jonathan

    What a pile of crap. At least the camaro was hot. Anyone who appreciates this guy and these commercials probably thinks it’s normal for your mother and your sister to be the same person.

  • Ben

    When I saw my first Keith Stone billboard, I wondered who this Keith Stone was, and how it is that I have gone these 36 years with out knowing which rock band he was in, or which motor sport he dominated. As it turns out, my questions were well founded as it turns out he hasn’t done anything, but a very good job acting! Good job sir’

  • Aaron Fraley

    (David) Come on now, Dave. Lighten-up a little. There really isn’t anything wrong with the NASCAR/Camping World Truck Series OR being a redneck. You sound pretty intolerant, and don’t seem to get the parody that Keith Stone portrays. He’s hilarious! I love the guy.

  • Robert Furtado

    awsome commercial lousy beer

  • Tony McNasty

    This campaign is awful. On the radio that dude doesn’t sound smooth in the slightest. He smacks of put-on doucher smooth that comes off, not as funny, but as annoyingly awful. The “canhole” ad literally makes me change the station. The pronunciation of five in a smooth manner is not “faaaaav” with creepy growl. Kill this campaign. Kill it now.

  • Ben

    I don’t find these commercials funny at all. They don’t even make me grin. It’s just trying way too hard.

    • John

      You are a douche and should have a pallet of stones dropped on your balls. Keith Stone is the man

  • Paul N Mavini

    So smooth! Alwaaays…

    Anyone who doesn’t think this is funny probably thinks it’s for real.

  • chenson

    Love the advertisement. So smooth. Any chance you guys can provide a link to the mountain lion (or cougar?) sound in the later clips?

  • CM

    That ‘Bride’ commercial where he’s standing there muchin’ on that big piece of beef jerkey is hysterical. The simplicity of the commercials is what make it funny. Keep it real Kieth Stone…great commercials.

  • Hanley the Manley

    Hold my Stones!
    -Keith Stone (the smoothest man in the world)

  • Barb

    Luvvvvvv Keith Stone – what a hottie! The beer’s not bad either (and I’m a gal, not redneck either). This whole campaign is just fun stuff! Give us more, more, more!! (The term “canhole” is about half a second from being teenaged boy bathroom humor, but it is funny. And now I’ll shut my “pie-hole!”.)

  • Dave

    This guy is supposed to be funny and cool? I guess that’s why I’m not a NASCAR or Keystone fan.