Jun and the Hidden Skies for Philips Parallel Lines

Jun and the Hidden Skies, Hi-Sim’s animated short film in the five Philips Cinema series, features a boy, a girl and a white rabbit who travel into space for an adventure in their newly constructed unicorn. Each of the five films chosen by Philips features a handful of spoken lines in common. “What’s that?” “It’s a unicorn”. “I’ve never seen one up close before”. “Beautiful”. “Get away!” “I’m sorry”.

Jun and the Hidden Skies


The Parallel Lines project was developed at DDB London by creative director Neil Dawson, copywriter Sam Oliver, art director Shishir Patel, agency producer Lucinder Kerr and Natalie Powell, business director Neill Rob. Digital agency was Tribal DDB Amsterdam. Media planner was Paul Owen-Richardson at Carat Worldwide.

Hi-Sim via RSA Films writer/director/editor/animator Hi Sim worked with executive producers Kai-Lu Hsiung and Caspar Delaney, producers Jane Linfott and Eli Soakell, designers Agnes Fouquart, Julien Le Rolland, Sarah Lawrence, Atsuko Burnett, David Klien, Jeremy Horton, with animation by Ben Mars, Campbell McAllister, Scott MacDonald and Scott Pleydell-Pearce.
Music is by Paul Farrer. Sound was designed by Pete Howell. Voiceover artists were Benjamin Lyon and Mya Fudge.