Jay Jays Dance Off 3D

Australian youth fashion retailer Jay Jays has launched www.danceoff.jayjays.com.au, a 3D interactive catalogue – a mash up of fashion, music & movement, designed to bring 3D into people’s homes. Jay Jays ‘Freedom of Expression’ value is demonstrated by a selection of dancers from different backgrounds and styles a chance to express themselves.

Jay Jays Dance Off Promo

Click on the image below to play the video.

Users are able to switch between the 2D and 3D viewing styles seamlessly. At any point you can click the video to freeze frame the action and explore the specifics of the outfits and download wallpapers of each dancer.

Jay Jays Freeze

Jay Jays Dance Off Promo

The 18 outfits are also presented in menu where users can switch between them instantly to cut their own music video in real-time. You can select their pictures in the menu, or use the keys on your keyboard to execute quicker cuts. Make sure you also keep an eye out for the 10th dancer- The 3D Nude Guy.

Each of the nine dancers wore outfits from the new Jay Jays range and danced their way across a 3D stage. All dancers were filmed using SI2K 3D cameras and then presented on the website.

Click on the image below to play the behind-the-scenes video.

The Jay Jays Facebook presence has Dance-Off components integrated where users can get to know the dancers and comment on more shots from the shoot. On YouTube the new YT3D feature is utilised , allowing customers to access each of the 40+ videos in different varieties of 3D on the video sharing site.

Jay Jays Dancers


The Dance Off 3D site was developed at Visual Jazz by creative director Sammi Needham, designers James Cook, Ty Johnson, social media team Caroline Jeppe, Simon Small, technical producer Tom Ashmor, Flash developers Mark Rosendorff and Stephen Woolcock, HTML team Michael Richardson, Sid Mansukusi, and tester Vince Leoncio, accounts director Steph Webster, production manager Bridget Conway-Taylor, motion tracking team Matthew Slater and Tim Hobday, director of photography David Hawkins, editor Kitty Green.

3D cameras were provided by Lemac.

Choreography was by Alethea Jones.

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