Jack Black in Orange Gulliver’s Travels

Jack Black appears as Lemuel Gulliver in Orange’s latest cinema commercial, “Gulliver’s Travels”, a spoof trailer for a film based on Jonathan Swift’s 1726 satirical novel. Black wakes up after a shipwreck on Lilliput, pinned down by an army of midgets. Black calls “time out” when he discovers an Orange phone shop on the beach, objecting to the blatant product placement. The actual 20th Century Fox movie, directed by Rob Letterman, opens in December 2010,

Jack Black in Orange Gullivers Travels


The Gulliver’s Travels spot was developed at Fallon, London, by executive creative director Richard Flintham, creative director Sam Hibbard, art director Graham Storey, copywriter Phil Cockrell, account director Katrien Debauw, agency producer Tracy Stokes, working with Orange marketing team were Spencer McHugh, Ian Smith and Jack Starks.

Filming was shot by director Jeremy Konner via Partizan, London, with producer David Stewart and director of photography Alex Mellman.