ISHR Leaders Afraid of Mice

With the shelling of civilians in South Korea, it seems timely to bring out ISHR’s mouse campaign, showing North Korea’s Kim Jong Il, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Libya’s Muammar al-Gaddafi desperately trying to avoid the threat of the computer mouse. Social networking has the power to change, suggest ISHR, the International Society for Human Rights based in Germany. See the earlier award-winning campaign featuring Hugo Chavez (Venezuela), Raul Castro (Cuba) and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran).

Kim Jong Il and Mouse in ISHR print ad

Robert Mugabe and Mouse in ISHR print ad

Kim Jong Il and Mouse in ISHR print ad


The ISHR Mouse campaign was developed at Ogilvy, Frankfurt, Germany, by creative directors Simon Oppmann, Peter Roemmelt, copywriter / art director Taner Ercan, photographers Robert Eikelpoth and Michael Breyer, and art buyer Christina Hufgard.