Intel at the Super Bowl 2010

Intel is running two television commercials in association with the 2010 Super Bowl promoting the 2010 Intel Core Processor. The ads featuring actual Intel employees will include “Generations”, a spot during the Intel-sponsored pre-game show, and “Lunchroom”, a spot run during the game. Each commercial employs a sense of geek humor and centers on the 2010 Intel® Core™ Processor family, announced earlier this month at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Intel Lunchroom

“Lunchroom” is set in an Intel lunchroom where a few engineers are excitedly discussing the all new 2010 Intel® Core™ processor family. One of the engineers is so excited he shouts about how “these processors are the most amazing achievement in the history of the company.” A passing robot hears this and is saddened that he is no longer the biggest deal at Intel. He drops his tray in dismay and exits the lunchroom. Click on the image below to play the Lunchroom video.

“Generations” features two boys playing video games in the 1970s. The commercial follows them as they grow into their 20s, 30s and 40s and end up working at Intel, where they’re working on Core processors. Click on the image below to play the video.

The new commercials are online on the Intel site, Intel Fan Page on Facebook and Channelintel on YouTube ( Follow Intel on Twitter at @intel and @IntelNews.


The SuperBowl campaign was developed at Venables, Bell & Partners, by creative director Paul Venables, associate creative directors Tyler Hampton and Paul Foulkes, art director Greg Wyatt, copywriter Mary Hernandez, broadcast production director Craig Allen and agency producer Kacey Hart.

Filming was shot by director Stacy Wall via Imperial Woodpecker with executive producer Doug Halbert, producer Jeff McDougall, director of photography Seamus McGarvey.

Editor was Dan Oberle at The Whitehouse Post. Visual effects were produced at Ring of Fire by VFX producer Casey Conroy.

Sound was mixed at Lime Studios by Rohan Young. Music was produced at Elias Arts.