IKEA Silent Messages

IKEA in Germany IKEA Deutschland encouraged shoppers to make use of assembly service in “Silent Messages”, a print advertising campaign from Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg. IKEA furniture is used to assemble one-word expressions of frustration: “Help” in the bedroom, “Oops!” in the living room, and “Shit!” in the Livingroom. Wondering how that came out in German.

IKEA Help in the Bedroom

IKEA Oops in the Livingroom

IKEA Shit in the Kitchen


The Assembly campaign was developed at Grabarz & Partner, Hamburg by executive creative director Ralf Heuel, creative directors Dirk Siebenhaar and Tom Hauser, copywriter Heiko Notter, art director Oliver Brkitsch, art buyer Indra Hohns, photographer Patrice Lange.

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