IFFCO Tokio on Tempting Fate

IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Company in India is encouraging potential customers to learn from history in a print advertising campaign run by Publicis. We’re shown illustrations depicting the sinking of the Titanic and the ultimate fate of the Ford Edsel, the local dump. Quotes are provided. “The Titanic is unsinkable”, Deck hand to Ms. Sylvia Caldwell, a 2nd class passenger. “The Edsel is here to stay.” Henry Ford II, speaking in 1957 about the new model of Ford. Ford lost 250 million on it. The moral of the campaign? “If you’re about to tempt fate then you better have a good insurance plan in place”.

IFFCO Tokio Titanic

IFFCO Tokio Ford Edsel


The Tempting Fate campaign was developed at Publicis India, Gurgaon, by executive creative director Emmnuel Upputuru, digital creative Atul Kapoor, creative director/copywriter Anindya Banerjee, associate creative director/art director Sunny Johnny, and illustrator Manoj Saha.

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