IBM Smarter Planet Outcomes

A year ago, IBM launched the Smarter Planet campaign, suggesting that by making the world’s systems smarter, many of its problems can be faced in completely new ways. But what actually happens when the planet gets smarter? Profits rise. Energy gets saved. Savings get made. Lives get saved. Systems and cities start to work. This new campaign shows the evidence of smart things happening round the world. The outcomes of building a smarter planet are drawn out in this print advertising campaign from Ogilvy France and Dutch Uncle London. Chicken Lips, Bino Wheels, Train Cases, Neck Tie, Pig Plate and Hold Up have been shortlisted for poster design at the London International Awards.

IBM Train Cases

IBM Chicken Lips

IBM Bino Wheels

IBM Neck Tie

IBM Hold Up

IBM Phone Prints

IBM Food Pig

IBM Elephant Mouse

IBM Building Arrows

IBM Cable Nib

IBM Police Camera

IBM Doctor Scope


The Outcomes campaign was developed at Ogilvy France, Paris, by creative director Susan Westre, associate creative director/art director Ginevra Capece, associate creative director/copywriter Fergus O’Hare, client account director Suzanne Assaf, agency account directors Kim Ball and Ben Messiaen, with graphic designer/illustrator Noma Bar, illustrator Tanya Holbrook, and typographer Sid Tomkins at Dutch Uncle, London.

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