IBM Data for Masters Golf Tournament

IBM, one of the official sponsors of the Masters Golf Tournament, is running television commercials with new angles on the Smarter Planet theme. The ads, running on CBS and ESPN television broadcasts of the golf tournament, complement IBM’s provision of data services for the Masters, which includes core infrastructure and data center management, website design and interactive content development, networking and security, the Masters Golf scoreboard and player statistics.

IBM This is Data

Transportation Data

“This is data. Data generated by people moving through a city. People in cars on trains, on buses. When you can see data as it happens, it can help cut commute times by 50%, reduce carbon emissions by 14%. On a smarter planet, we can capture, analyze and use data in new ways to do what they’re doing in places like Singapore and Stockholm and build a smarter transportation system. Lets build a smarter planet.”

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Energy Data

“This is data. Data generated from an electrical grid. From wires, streets, businesses, homes. When you can harness data, you can do things you couldnt do before. Prepare for alternative energy sources. Accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. Help prevent blackouts. See the data from energy usage as it happens and you can do what they’re doing in places like California…and build a smarter energy system. Lets build a smarter planet.”

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The Smarter Planet campaign is being developed at Ogilvy & Mather New York by executive producer Lee Weiss, associate producer Rich Fiset, executive creative director Susan Westre, executive creative director Tom Godic and Greg Ketchum, creative director Chris Van Oosterhout, art director TJ Walthall, executive music producer Karl Westman.

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