I Am Iron Man 2 in Augmented Reality

Marvel Studios & Paramount Pictures are promoting Iron Man 2, due for release in cinemas on May 7, with “I Am Iron Man 2”, an augmented reality app. The application, online at www.iamironman2.com, provides viewers the chance to get inside the heads of Iron Man and War Machine, with the choice of red and gold or titanium silver. “It’s a tough choice but why not try both the Iron Man & War Machine helmets on and see which suits you best?”.

I Am Iron Man 2 Augmented Reality app

Using a webcam viewers can activate I Am Iron Man 2, video capturing themselves in one of Tony Stark’s toys and share the resulting video with their friends through Facebook, Twitter or embed it on their own site. The augmented reality technology includes internal HUD (Heads Up Display), activated through gesture recognition, and conversation with Jarvis using quotes from the movie.

Click on the image below to play the demo video.

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