Hyundai Bungee

Hyundai was one of the major advertising partners for ABC’s coverage of the Oscars on Sunday, providing seven commercials promoting the Sonata and Genesis, most of which aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. Here’s the new advertisement, “Bungee”, which suggests that the presence of reckless young adult drivers on the roads should compel us to invest in safe Hyundai vehicles. A young woman is towed on a buggy to give her the bounce she needs for her horizontal bungee jump.

Hyundai Bungee

Click on the image below to play the video.


Bungee was developed at Innocean. VFX were produced at Public VFX, Santa Monica.

The biggest challenge for the Korean car manufacturer was responding to the Academy Award regulations barring advertising that featured any of the nominees. Jeff Bridges, who was awarded Best Male Actor, has been the voice of Hyundai’s television advertising in the United States since 2007. Seven new actors were brought in for the day, Catherine Keener, Kim Basinger, David Duchovny, Richard Dreyfuss, Michael Madsen, Mandy Patinkin and Martin Sheen. Dreyfuss provided the voiceover for the Oscars version of this ad.

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