Hyundai at 2010 Super Bowl

Hyundai, as name sponsor of the Hyundai Pre-Kick Show for the 2010 Super Bowl, is running two 30 second TV ads during the game, two five second billboards, and three pre-game ads. The Super Bowl campaign is focusing on the Hyundai 2011 Sonata, with one of the commercials featuring an appearance from Vikings NFL player Brett Stavre of the future. In addition to highlighting the all-new Sonata, pre- and post-game spots will showcase the all-new Tucson and revamped Hyundai Assurance consumer protection program.

Brett Favre MVP 2020

Minnesota Vikings Brett Favre appears as 2020 MVP in a spoof of his tendency to change his mind about retirement dates. Favre may be unreliable but the Sonata is reliable, so reliable you can count on it 10 years from now. Click on the image below to play the video.

“Paint” features the all-new sedan, which boasts 200 horsepower while maintaining best-in-class fuel economy of 35 mile-per-gallon highway. An elegantly lyrical edit of the unique paint process that goes into the new Hyundai Sonata, set to a piano sonata. Click on the image below to play the Paint video.

The 2,700 HMMA team members at the Hyundai Plant in Montgomery, Alabama, are each in charge of quality and that makes it feel like the all-new Sonata is built by hand. Click on the image below to play the Bodypass video.

Hyundai followed through with their New Years resolution and became America’s most fuel efficient car maker. Click on the image below to play the Sonata video.

The all-new Hyundai Sonata is changing the way people think about luxury and considers renaming the term. It is making many of the features found in luxury vehicles available at an affordable price. Click on the image below to play the Luxury video.

The Hyundai Tucson offers safety ahead of the government mandate because safety is too important to wait for. We believe that a safety feature like electronic stability control is too important to charge a premium for. Click on the image below to play the video.

Hyundai is continuing Hyundai Assurance through 2010. This reiterates that the economy is still soft, we are not out of the woods yet, but we are all in this together and we have your back, even if you lose your income. Click on the image below to play the Assurance video.

Hyundai’s Super Bowl advertising extends its “Big Voices in Big Places” strategy, which includes high-profile advertising in sporting events, entertainment awards shows and outdoor video board placement. The strategy will continue next month as Hyundai is the exclusive automotive sponsor of the Academy Awards with eight spots planned for the March 7 broadcast. Jeff Bridges, now in his third year working with Hyundai advertising, will continue to serve as the narrator for the upcoming campaign.


The Super Bowl campaign was developed at Innocean Worldwide Americas, Irvine, California.

The Brett Favre spots were filmed by director Tim Godsall via Biscuit Filmworks and edited by Paul Sabater at Spot Welders. Bodypass, Paint and Sonata were filmed by director Tim Godsall via Biscuit Filmworks and edited by Brad Waskewich at Spot Welders.

Filming for Luxury was shot by director Noam Murro via Biscuit Filmworks and edited by Haines Hall via Spotwelders.

Visual effects were produced at Public Visual Effects.

Music was produced at Beacon Street.