Humankind by Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett CEO Tom Bernardin and CCO Mark Tutssel have published HumanKind, a book about people and how creativity transforms the way people think, feel and behave. The book isn’t your typical industry read: it talks about how people not advertising agencies create iconic brands. It’s a look at marketing that serves true human needs and not the other way around. The Inspiration Room is offering five free copies to readers over the next week, rewarding you for insightful and creative contributions to discussion. You can leave a comment anywhere on the site, or start right here on this post with a comment on what you think Leo Burnett’s best work has been. See more on Leo Burnett’s work featured on The Inspiration Room.

Humankind Book

Humankind starts with the assertion, “This is not about advertising. This is about people”. Bernardin and Tutssel set out to tell stories about people, purpose and changing behavior that serves human needs. Focusing on convictions and brands, they ask the questions, “What do you believe? And what are you going to do about it?”. The book is set out in four sections focusing on people, purpose, participation and populism. Campaigns by Leo Burnett are used as inspiration.

This is not about adverising

We are Eternal Students of Human Behavior

Campaigns Featured in Humankind

Nike ID GE

Vote Earth

Fiat 500

Humankind A to Z

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  • NikiF

    If Leo Burnett’s book is really about serving true human needs rather than the other way around then it would fit nicely with social entrepreneurship where entrepreneurial skills and principles are used not to make individual wealth, but to bring about social change that improves lives. From the brief blurb above, ‘Humankind’ sounds like it could be a promising tool in making the world a better place for people at the bottom of the heap. I hope it is this and not just another slick, glossy ad agency publication because I believe it is possible to change the world and I’m open to learning ways and means of doing this from anyone – even ad agencies!

  • Eleonora

    Great…I am really anxious to see the book…..creativity at the end of the day means looking on the things differently, from a different perspective, finding connections that were not here before, doing things better…which necessarily change behaviors and attitudes….and what is most important ..leads to progress, development ..going on another higher level…

  • Jonas Medeiros

    I actually think this is Burnett’s best work. C’mon guys, let’s be honest, for all those who work with advertising like me, the key to success is understand peoples mind…. once you get there, everything becomes easier, sometimes it’s hard to think like our client, it’s even harder to think like our target. I do think, if you start from their needs, if you can understand what they really need/expect from a product or from a service, You won’t fail.
    Thats how we all should work. We got to focus on people.
    Cause We cant be consumers, without being humans.

    • Levon

      I dont know the size of company you work in but in smaller buisness where and with wich i work, besides understanding how ones mind work there is an another challange that may even be a harder nut to crack. It is the ability to fell the client ant ability to ensure him that what you offer is what he seeks.

  • Great idea. But when I read the first line…”This is not about advertising…”, you lost the plot. Because that’s exactly what you are pushing. Sorry Leo.. I am sure you would agree with me. Same crap….new closet….

  • Levon

    Not that much coments afther all, huh?

  • Jonas Medeiros

    Did u ever gave away those books?

    • Steve

      I received a copy