How Hetero in Stockholm Pride

Stockholm Pride, the Swedish Gay and Lesbian festival, centred its 2009 activities around the [Hetero] theme, focusing on how heteronormativity effects the everyday life of homosexual, bisexual and transgender persons, the consequences it brings and how it effects the society as a whole. Part of the heteronormative environment is defined by how we connect certain taste in music to norms and perceptions of how a “real” man or woman should be or behave. Tests of Spotify playlists and Twitter feeds were designed to demonstrate in a direct and funny way how these norms effect us by how others sees us. How does heteronormativity affect you? Over 100,000 playlists were saved in a database, from 0 to 100% on the hetero scale. The campaign was then turned around with a Prejudiced Banner from which visitors to the Stockholm Pride site could choose the ‘hetero’ levels on their music.

How Hetero 32 Percent

How Hetero Prejudiced Playlist

How Hetero Facebook Friends


The How Hetero campaign was developed at Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, by creative director Martin Cedergren, copywriter Kalle Åkestam, art director Yvan Archimbaud, copywriter Monica Born, art director Lars Baecklund, copywriter Joakim Labraaten, account director Fredrik Widén, account manager Bella Lagerquist, web producer Ellinor Bjarnolf, working with Stockholm Pride marketing directors Jessica W Sandberg and Claes Nyberg.

The site was produced at Thomson Interactive.