Hooters Camouflage Advertising

Hooters in Guatemala used camouflage advertising in newspapers to attract men to their restaurant happy hours without their girlfriends catching on. 56 quetzals for Wingday Platter provides 10 regular or boneless chicken wings, curly fries and ranch or blue cheese dressing. 145 quetzals provides a Training Combo with 6 training burgers, curly fries and a pitcher of beer. 26 quetzals gets draft beer 2×1. All disguised in what appear to be newspaper advertisements for BX Racing Wheels, BX Tools, and Smithson Fishing tackle.

Hooters BX Racing Camouflage advertising

Hooters Smithson Camouflage advertising

Hooters BX Tool Camouflage advertising


The Hooters Camouflage campaign was developed at Ogilvy Guatemala by chief dreative officer Ramiro Eduardo, executive creative director Miguel Mayen, creative director Herberth Monterroso, copywriter/art director Roberto Gomez, art director Francisco CoutiƱo, account director Tete Del Cid, with Hooters marketing director Javier Morales.

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