Honda Into the Unknown

Honda is working with National Geographic to launch “Into The Unknown”, the seventh short-film documentary from the Dream The Impossible documentary series. The short film will be promoted during the premiere of National Geographic Channel’s “Great Migrations” miniseries on November 7, with a 90 second trailer, linked to the site, Honda YouTube channel and Facebook page. From the perspectives of a professional diver, a professional mountain climber, a retired NASA astronaut, and Honda associates and engineers, the film celebrates those who challenge the impossible and are motivated to solve problems and make a difference in society. Tatsuya Okabe, Ph.D., Honda chief engineer of brain-machine interface, describes how his research of the brain helps advance science to improve mobility for people who are physically challenged.

Honda Into The Unknown

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National Geographic Tie-In

As a presenting sponsor, Honda worked with National Geographic Channel to develop a custom cross-platform marketing campaign specifically designed to align Honda’s corporate “Power of Dreams” campaign with the spirit of “Great Migrations’” epic tale of life on the move. The campaign will reach millions nationwide and will include significant exposure through National Geographic Channel’s many brand extensions, including web and mobile, VOD, home video, licensed products, educational outreach, consumer events and more.

Dream The Impossible Dialogue Online

During the month leading up to the premiere of “Into the Unknown,” Honda worked with social media agency bigMETHOD to ignite dialogue about six existing films in the “ DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE : ” Documentary Series. The social media program linked the documentary series’ themes to original perspectives of consumers, thought leaders, and other organizations through digital communication channels. Participating contributors offered their unique insights and perspectives independent of Honda’s viewpoint. The official Honda Facebook page serves as the hub for discussion.

Honda Facebook Discussion

Racing Against Time Week brought together thought leaders and bloggers in the green, energy and automotive spaces. During Dreams vs. Nightmares Week, Honda partnered with to create a custom environment and explore the impact of dreams. Kick Out the Ladder Week featured written and video contributions discussing how corporate philosophies allow for innovation and lead to success. Mobility 2088 Week asked the Honda community to submit their thoughts on what transportation will look like in the year 2088. Failure: The Secret to Success Week asks thought leaders to provide personal stories on past experiences they’ve had with failure that ultimately led them to success.

Launched in January 2009, the “DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE” Documentary Series is intended to speak to both the hearts and minds of consumers by revealing stories of Honda’s corporate philosophy at work through an intimate multimedia, interactive website. The campaign targets 18- to 49-year-old adults who are comfortable with technology, who value authenticity, and who are drawn to brands they can relate to, connect with, or admire.


The Into The Unknown campaign was developed at RPA by chief creative officer David Smith, copywriters Todd Carey and Curt Johnson, agency producer Isadora Chesler, executive producers Barbara Ponce, Jon Kamen, Frank Scherma, Frank Stiefel and Justin Wilkes.

Filming was shot by director Ondi Timoner via Radical Media with producers Liz Bradley, Todd Carey, Curt Johnson, director of photography Andrij Parekh.

Editor was Ron Patane at Outpost Digital. Original soundtrack was produced at Q Department. Post production was done at Outpost Digital. Graphic designer was Dave Dimeola at The Brigade, New York. Photographer was Davi Russo.

The interactive campaign was developed at RPA by chief creative officer: David Smith, executive content producer Gary Paticoff, creative director/art director Curt Johnson, associate creative director/copywriter Todd Carey, senior art director/art director David Mesfin, senior copywriter Brenna Hajek, user experience lead Alex Yra, technology director Scott Westerfield, technologist/Flash artist Jeff Siegal.