Here is our Blood

Barcelona advertising agency Iskiam Jara is sharing blood with potential clients in “Aqui esta nuestra sangre”, translated in English as “Here is our blood”. The campaign, online at Feliz2010, involved a gift wrapped box filled with vials of blood from members of the Ishiam Jara creative team, sent to 50 current and potential clients. So what do you do with a box of blood vials? Share or trade with your vampire friends?

Here is our blood

Here is our blood

“During 2009 we sweated our blood to be on your side, to avoid and help come out of the crisis. This year, 2010, will be the YEAR in which we should give it our all. For some, it may be their GREAT YEAR and for others it may be their last. We are here to assist you to make the difference between BEING and NOT BEING.”

Here is our blood

“Before it was believed that creativity was an indefinable concept, but research shows that this is a natural activity which is influenced by genetic, environmental and chance factors. It is something stable, long-lasting and exclusive of each human being. For this reason, we wish to share our DNA with you, in order that in this coming year you have us at your side. We are going to bleed for you. You decide, clone us or have us”.

Here is our blood


The Sangre campaign was developed at Iskiam Jara, Barcelona, by creative director/art director/copywriter Iskiam Jara, producer David Herror and Carmen Vidal.

Askiam explains the thinking behind the campaign…

“The objective was to flee from the typical Christmas greeting and extend this to the beginning of the year. Knowing how difficult 2009 was, we wanted to tell our potential clients and friends that this new year not only were we going to sweat our blood but also bleed for them. This was the first sample of this, a sample of our DNA as a declaration of our intentions. We are going to be with you, we will bleed for you if it necessary and this is the proof that we are prepared to do this. The campaign may grow once the user accesses the microsite, where they are able to send it to their Facebook and Twitter contacts in order that they support the campaign or they can request their own DNA pack.”

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