Hell Pizza Zombie Adventure Deliver Me To Hell

Hell Pizza in New Zealand entered the twilight zone with the Hell Pizza Interactive Zombie Adventure, launched on YouTube on July 30, 2010. “Deliver Me To Hell” is set in a world in which Christchurch has been over run by bloodthirsty flesh-seeking zombies. Steve (Dj Iwikau) at Hell Pizza must get a $15 smoky barbecue sauce Lust pizza order over to a stranded woman on a container in Avonhead. Along the way he must navigate zombies, work out whether to take a passenger (Ben Edwards), navigate shortcuts and get to the girl (Emily Trenberth). Even though the opening video features the Hell Pizza iPhone app, the interactive Youtube feature does not work on the iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Hell Pizza Zombie Adventure

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Zombie Adventure was produced by writer Katie O’Brien at LittleSisterFilms, writer, director and editor Logan McMillan at Gorilla Pictures, with art director Bryce Holthousen, production manager Flip Grater, camera operator Dan Watson, grip/B camera Andrew Dean, VFX artist Dan Watson, practical effects producer Chester Dextar, data wrangler Simon Ryan, makeup artist Lucy Harvey, SFX makeup artist Brae Toia, makeup assistant Julie Clark.

Pyrotechnics were produced at Fireworks Professionals. Audio post was done at The Sitting Room.