Gorillaz Stylo with Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis puts in an appearance in the music video for “Stylo”, the first single to be released from the Gorillaz album, Plastic Beach. Noodle, 2-D (wearing a clown mask) and Murdoc, in CG for the first time, flee from the scene of a crime in a car chase that attracts the attention of an overweight donut eating policeman. Once they’ve shaken him off they’re engaged in a shoot out race with Bruce Willis the bounty hunter.

Bruce Willis in Gorillaz music video

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Play the full Stylo music video online at YouTube (embedding has been disabled).

Filming and animation were shot by director Jamie Hewlett (natch) in collaboration with Pete Candeland at Passion Pictures. The track includes the voices of Bobby Womack and Mos Def. Plastic Beach is released on March 8th (US March 9th). Pre-order the album via iTunes and receive Stylo straight away:

Gorillaz Stylo