Google Voice Calls

Google has launched a new Gmail to phone service, designed to compete with Skype’s VOIP call system. For the rest of 2010 gmail users will be able to make calls to any US or Canada numbers for free, with calls to other countries as low as 2 cents a minute. Google is installing its own red phone booths at public venues such as airports and college campuses, with free calls made over the internet. The new service is promoted in a simple animated video, showing the evolution of voice communication from rocks in 1000 BC, telephones in 1876, gmail in 2008 and “Call” in 2010.

Google Call Phone 2010

Click on the image below to play the video.

Check out the prototype Google Phone Booth showcased at Google’s press conference, as reviewed by Mashable.

Google Phone Booth

See more on the service at the Google blog.

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