Google Translate for Animals

Google has released a new app for Android phones, Google Translate for Animals, providing the capacity to translate animal sounds into plain English. The demo video, launched on the Google UK YouTube channel, demonstrates the app on a British farm, providing insights into the thoughts and feelings of a pig and a donkey. Amazing! Google is working on translation into Mongolian, Hindi, Cantonese, and Pig-Latin. The campaign is online at

Google Translate for Animals Demo

Click on the image below to play the video.

The Translate for Animals site provides useful tips for people seeking to understand their pets. It is not Google’s responsibility if you are offended or disappointed by what your chosen animal may say. Google does not guarantee stimulating conversation. As a general rule the higher up in the food chain an animal is, the better a communicator it will be. So if you are after quick witted banter it’s best to select cats and dogs rather than rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. Herbivores and omnivores are not known for their linguistic ability. Although it has been discovered that tortoises have expansive general knowledge.

Google Translate for Animals site

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