Google Did You Mean?

Google’s “Did You Mean” feature is given a visual look in this humorous campaign from Turkey, “Did You Mean?” Jetlag is presented as Jetleg, Battleship as Battlesheep, and Astronaut as Astronut. “Google we know what you are searching for, even when you don’t.” Jay Yarow at Business Insider reports on a conversation with a Google rep suggesting the campaign was run in Turkey to promote Adwords. Maybe. The campaign was shortlisted at Cannes in June and won Gold at the Golden Drum Awards held in Slovenia this month.

Google Battlesheep

Google Battlesheep

Google Jetlegs


The Did You Mean campaign was developed at Grey, Istanbul by creative directors Ergin Binyıldız, Mustafa Baripoğlu, copywriters İlhami Duman, Azat Gül, Yiğit Ayvazoğlu, art directors Can Pehlivanli, Nezih İçöz, Sungu Hacışabanoğlu, account director Aylin Sönmezer with retouching done at Alphadog, Hamburg.

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