Gylne Tider Let It Be

TV2 Norway released a six minute music video for the Beatles track “Let It Be”, featuring television, film and sports stars from around the world, promoting the fourth season of entertainment program Gylne Tider (Golden Times). The video, released on YouTube in October, has enjoyed a new lease of viral life in December. Presenter Øyvind Mund, cameraman Steinar Marthinsen and sound engineer Ingar Thorsen appear with all the stars they’ve interviewed in season three, on a beach, following on from the success of their previous music videos, Together For Life and We Are The World.

Gylne Tider Let It Be

Gylne Tider Let It Be

TV 2 has chosen to remove the popular video from Youtube, despite its massive following. “The video was originally produced for our fall launch and that one end of the TV show “Gylne Tider”. We have therefore given to the those who have laid it out that we would like it removed. Therefore, the video is now removed from YouTube,” says program director of TV 2, Nils Ketil Andresen. A copyright claim from Sony/ATV may be something to do with this as well.


Presenter Øyvind Mund , cameraman Steinar Marthinsen and sound engineer Ingar Thorsen appear alongside Roger Moore (james Bond), Huey Lewis, Jason Alexander (George in Seinfeld), Ricki Lake, Josie Biesett, Alberto Tomba, John Nettles (Midsomer Murders), George Wendt (Norm in Cheers), Paul Mackenna, Philip Michael Thomas (Tubbs inMiami Vice), Glenn Close, Gorden Kaye, Pamela Anderson, Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun), Dolph Lundgren, Kelly McGillis, Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks), Daryl Hannah (Roxanne), Lou Ferrigno (Hulken), and many more.

Click on the image below to play the We Are the World video.

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