GMC Sierra in Winter Snows

The 2011 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck appears in two television commercials, “Most Wonderful Time” and “Nutcracker”, connected with the Winter Holiday Event sales promotion. Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite and the 1963 Christmas hit “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”.

GMC Most Wonderful Time commercial


The Most Wonderful Time spot was developed at Leo Burnett, Detroit, by creative director Chris McCarthy and executive producer Erik Zaar.

Filming was shot by director Nick Piper via Backyard Films, Venice, with director of photography Zubin Mistry and executive producer Kris Mather.

Visual effects were produced at Chemical Effects, Santa Monica, by creative director Nick Piper, Flame artists Tim Rudgard, Shauna Prescott, Dan Lorenzini, Flame assist Jorge Tanaka, executive producer Sandy Beladino and producer Liz Hiza.

Piper and Chemical Effects turned their talents to creating a whole new mood for the Sierra. Delving back into footage shot for an earlier campaign, the creative team turned the truck from a hard-driving, terrain-crushing vehicle to a nimble, festive frolicker, enjoying rather than conquering nature. Visual Effects Supervisor Tim Rudgard and the Chemical Effects team added plumes of airborne snow surging from beneath the truck’s tires and brilliant lens flares, and extended snow across the environment to give the landscape a pristine feel.

Sound and music were produced at Finger Music, Los Angeles.

Offline Editorial work was done at General Editorial, Santa Monica, by editor Matt Dunlap and executive producer Robert Parker.

Colorist was Beau Leon at New Hat, Santa Monica, with producer Wyatt Valentine.

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8 Responses to GMC Sierra in Winter Snows

  1. David Collins says:

    Can anyone tell me the specific recording of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite used in the “Nutcracker” spot?

  2. amy says:

    can anyone tell me the name of the song in the March 2011 GMC Sierra Truck commericial?

  3. dbkoller says:

    using the “nutcracker” in your commercial suggests that there are no shock absorbers in the vehicle.

  4. mark says:

    Do they really pay you to come up with F!@#ing Nutcracker? REALLY?
    Creative Geniousity……

  5. mark says:

    You really had to go to Santa Monica to do that? If the client only knew…….

  6. Philip Seth says:

    The “Nutcracker” music is the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

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