Givenchy Play for Her in Paris

French fashion company Givenchy brings Paris to life in “Play”, a television commercial/short film set on the top of the Eiffel Tower. Edited with a film noir effect, the ad promotes the Play fragrance by bringing Justin Timberlake and Noot Seear together on a covert midnight run to the Eiffel Tower summit. At the top Timberlake touches ‘play’ on his PDA, setting off miles of Paris street lights into a pulsating, darkly addictive dance beat. As Timberlake and his companion take it all in, the voiceover intones simply, ”Givenchy Play: Now also for her.”

Justin Timberlake in Givenchy Play commercial

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See the ad in French, Italian and English on the Givenchy Play site.


The Play campaign was developed at Anton & Partners, New York, by creative director David Anton, senior art director John Painter and executive producer Marty Friedman.

Filming was shot by director Pierre Morel via Nola, New York, with executive producer Charlie Curran, VFX creative director Arman Matin, VFX producer JJ Wilmoth.

Editor was Yvette Pineyro at Wildchild Editorial, New York, with executive producer Alexandra Leal, assistant editor Chuck Granado, and Flame artist Armand Matin. Telecine was produced by colorist Ron Sudul at Nice Shoes, New York.

Music was composed by Ivan Corraliza, (ill Factor), Miami. Sound was designed by Hanke Aberle at Aberle Sound, New York.