Give Up Smoking on Australia Day

GlaxoSmithKline is promoting Nicabate “Quit Smoking Plans” with a print advertising campaign connected with Australia Day. The low key campaign features the two animals from Australia’s Coat of Arms, the kangaroo and emu, smoking cigarettes. “Australia Day. A great day to give up. While celebrating Australia Day, you may have slipped. Please, don’t give up on giving up. To stay on the right track go to“.

Kangaroo Smoking in Nicabate advertisement

Emu Smoking in Nicabate advertisement


The Nicabate Australia Day campaign was developed at Whybin\TBWA, Sydney, by executive creative director Garry Horner, creative director Matt Kemsley, art director Janelle Shearer, copywriter Steve Dodds, photographer Chris Beghin and retoucher Nick Mueller.

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  • Jessica

    Hahahahaha this is SO funny! Definitely enough to make me not ever smoke!