Girl Scouts Cookies Animated Online

Girl Scouts is promoting the sale of cookies in the United States with an online video campaign, “Every Cookie Has A Mission: To Help Girls Do Great Things”. The campaign focuses on the accomplishments of the cookies sales program running from January 16th through to March 22nd. Two videos rely on compelling copy and graphic icons to demonstrate that the purchase of cookies helps girls change the world around them. The online videos give a hint of the rebranding effort planned for Spring 2010, and provide a link to, a Facebook app, Flickr group, MySpace page, and YouTube channel.

Girl Scouts Cookie Flag

The video explains that each cookie purchase can help a girl contribute to helping a wide variety of possible community or even international causes … and that every cookie season helps another generation of girls learn skills critical to their future, including setting goals, making decisions, managing money, and developing people skills and business ethics.

Click on the image below to play the video.

“What Can a Cookie Do?” starts by asking: “What is the largest business program — led not by him, but by her — that raises millions of dollars for communities and that produces more female business owners than most universities? Tip: It’s not on Wall Street … in fact, it’s probably on your street.”

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Cookie video was developed by director/producer/motion designer and colorist Andre Basso, with stop motion photographer Michael Chen and typographic designer John Seckler.

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