GGRP Cardboard Record Player

GGRP, a sound house in Vancouver, Canada, ran a direct marketing campaign featuring a cardboard record player, celebrating creativity in sound, currency and relevance. Made from a single piece of cardboard, the album cover doubled as a record player folded up into an envelope that includes a 45-vinyl. The record can be operated with a pencil. As the vibrations go through the needle, they are naturally amplified in the cardboard material. The campaign won a Gold Direct Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival.

GGRP Cardboard Record Player

GGRP Cardboard Record Player

GGRP Cardboard Record Player

GGRP site

Direct response was over 90%. Everyone who received one wanted to talk about it, or wanted more copies. But it’s the indirect responses that have generated the most traffic. It’s become an Internet phenomenon, on over 500 blogs such as Gizmodo and Wired. YouTube views for the promotional video have increased by over 20,000 in under a week. Traffic to the GGRP site grew exponentially, moving from 50 visits/week to more than 70,000. The viral nature of the record player’s success has created more conversations with the creative community than GGRP ever expected – but they aren’t complaining.

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The GGRP Carboard Record Player campaign was developed at Grey Canada, Vancouver, by creative director/copywriter Geoff Dawson, art director/illustrator Andrew McKinley, and graphic designer Dennis Isaacson.

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  • thatdigiguy

    This is pathetically hilarious… Joy Ridderhof invented the cardboard record player, had it manufactured, and distributed it across 2/3 of the undeveloped world in the mid 50’s, before you hipster idiots were even a twinkle in your daddies’ eyes.