Get Your Butt Seen

The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada is urging Canadians to show their butts online to raise awareness about the importance of getting screen for colon cancer. The digital campaign, online in English at and in French at, is linked with the CCAC Facebook page, and is backed up with transit ads, digital boards and a television commercial. So what do you think? Tasteless or Nicely Executed? Will it motivate action or not?

Get Your Butt Seen site

Online users can upload images of different bottoms that appear to have been taken by a photocopier or upload an image of their own backside and then send it to their friends via e-mail or for posting on Facebook. Users can select a preexisting photo of a sensational butt using a list of characteristics (sex, age, size and style) presented in a drop down menu. As the steps to send the image are completed, the user is presented with facts and statistics about colorectal cancer. On March 31 the CCAC will ask Facebook users to post the uploaded image of their selected butt as their profile picture in a demonstration of solidarity in the battle against colorectal cancer.

Click on the image below to play the commercial in YouTube

“We wanted to create an edgy campaign that would encourage individuals to start a conversation about colon cancer. It is so important to get people to overcome their reluctance to talk about the disease, because we know that once people start to talk about it, they will eventually act on their knowledge and get screened. We had to create something that would be a little controversial and provocative to initiate the conversation, and Ogilvy Montreal was the perfect partner in helping us realize our goal,” said Barry D. Stein president of the CCAC.

Get Your Butt Seen poster


The Butt Seen campaign was developed at Ogilvy Montreal. CCAC has also worked with a number of other media partners to help get the word out including Newad, The Weather Network, METROMEDIA, Onestop, Rogers media,, Canoë, AOL and Astral Media and Publicité Sauvage.

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