Germany Road Safety Mourning Band

The German Road Safety Organisation (Deutsche Verkehrswacht) has been urging motorists to wear their seat belts with “Mourning Band”, a billboard advertising campaign. Germany’s 2 million road accidents each year are largely caused by speeding and drunken driving. One in nine people killed in road accidents could still be alive if he or she had been wearing a seat belt. So the message reads: Buckling up can save lives. The campaign won a bronze at the 2010 Clio Awards.

DVW Mourning Band


The Mourning Band billboard campaign was developed at Scholz & Friends, Duesseldorf, by executive creative director Niels Alzen, creative director Alexander Hansen, art directors Pia Niehues and Stephanie Blaschka, Sebastian Jahrmarkt, copywriter Leander Schmalfuss, account executives Raphael Brinkert, Bastian Kühl, Jens Lange, Holger Hansen, and photographer Johannes Poettgens and Bsmart Stockholm.

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