Gautrain Wind

Gautrain is a modern rapid rail and bus service for Gauteng in South Africa, opening its doors on June 8. The new service is being promoted with “Wind”, a commercial directed by Keith Rose from Velocity Films. People standing at a railway station encounter a wind growing in force, starting with a light breeze that blows their hair and ruffles their clothing. The wind then picks up force to become a stronger wind and eventually a gale as we witness the people interacting and playing with this wind. Just as suddenly as it began, the wind drops and we cut to a shot of the high-speed Gautrain rushing by, indicating that it was in fact the train causing this wind.

Gautrain Wind commercial


The Wind ad was developed a JWT Johannesburg by creative director Ben du Plessis, copywriter Julia Rutherford, art director Sasha Whyte and agency producer Maggie Post

Filming was shot by director Keith Rose via Velocity Films, Cape Town, with executive producer Peter Carr, producer Grant Davies, director of photography Michael Briely

Online post production was done at Blade & Pudding. Editor was Willie Saayman at Left Post.