Frosted Cheerios Captain Night Night

Frosted Cheerios, the General Mills breakfast cereal, is being promoted in “Captain Night Night”, a television commercial featuring a crazed-yet-hilarious animated pro wrestler. The hero of the spot, a teenage boy played by Ben Stillwell, hears his alarm clock and begins to wake up. Suddenly the wrestler appears, first gently coaxing him back to sleep, but soon, in hilarious fashion, trying to physically wrestle him back to bed. In the end the enticing power of Frosted Cheerios is just too much for the wrestler, who disappears as the boy reaches the kitchen and digs into a big bowl. The voiceover adds “Frosted Cheerios…the taste gets you out of bed.”

Captain Night Night

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The Captain Night Night campaign was developed at Saatchi & Saatchi New York, by creative directors Manny Galan and Pat Giles, copywriter Adam Kline, art director Brad Rodriguez and producer Hafeez Saheed.

Filming was shot by director Mark Gilbert via Hello & Co, Hollywood, with executive producer Carl Swan and producer Samantha Storr.

Visual effects were produced at Calabash Animation, Chicago, by creative director Wayne Brejcha, executive producer Sean Henry.

Post production, including sound design, editorial work and final compositing, was done at Northern Lights Post, New York, with editor David Gioiella and producer Robin Hall.

“This spot features a quirky, fun concept that was truly original,” Sean Henry, Calabash Executive Producer says. “Because there was no pre-existing icon for Frosted Cheerios, we were given this great chance to stretch out and do some animation that is a bit out there.”

Because of the quick turnaround the project demanded (three days), and the nature of the character, Calabash animated using Flash. For Wayne Brejcha, Calabash Creative Director, the spot was rife with technical challenges due mostly to the fact that the live action was shot on location without greenscreen.