Ford Super Duty Rants

Ford is promoting the all-new 2011 Ford Super Duty line of trucks with a new Rant campaign narrated by American actor and comedian Denis Leary. The Rant series began in 2008 when Leary’s acerbic style was applied to television advertisements for the F-Series pick up truck, using computer generated imagery. The new series features actual footage filmed around Los Angeles with VFX used to provide the iconic touch of the three previous Rant campaigns. Friend stars the truck traveling through a high-powered wind farm and past soaring mountains. Benjamins shows a Ford Super Duty navigating through the cranes and crates of a sprawling dockyard. Kumbaya tracks the vehicle towing large equipment through a rock quarry. Leary rattles off the truck’s various technical advantages, highest payload, towing power, horsepower, torque, and fuel economy, as the truck breezes past gas stations and effortlessly tows 12-ton payloads.

Ford Take the White Outta Your Knucles

Play Friends, Benjamins, Kumbaya in Vimeo.

The print ads also are direct and to the point. Five ads highlight the same capability themes and will run in print publications that appeal to the interests and vocations of the Super Duty customer, such as Sports Illustrated, Field & Stream, Popular Science and Builder.


The Ford Super Duty campaign was developed at Team Detroit by chief creative officer Toby Barlow, group creative director/copywriter Brad Hensen, group creative director/art director Paul Kirner, art director Matt Swanson, copywriter Michael Nishanian and producer Craig Mungons.

Filming was shot by director Vince Haycock via A Very Small Office (AVSO), New York, with executive producer Saffron Case and line producer Pete Vitale.

Editorial work, design and animation was produced at Offspring, New York, by editor Nathan Caswell, creative lead Matt Tragesser, lead designers Wes Richardson and Danny Kamahji, animators/compositors Craig Davis, Jack Bhon, Jack Myers, Gary Tam, Mark Thompson, Paul Villacis, lead 3D animator Marty Geren, executive producer Joanne Fillie, producer Suzanne Potashnick and production coordinator Michelle Seidenfrau

Telecine, Roto, tracking and stabilizing at Nice Shoes was by colorist Chris Ryan, VFX supervisor/Flame artist Aron Baxter, Flame artist Rich Schreck, Jason Farber, John Shea, Andrew Granelli, Vin Roma, Bryan Rosenblum, Russ Bigsby and producer Dave Moore.

Sound design and original music were by a href=””>John Garstecki Sound and Music Design. Audio mix was by Rob Sayers at Sound Lounge.

Earlier Rants

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