FloTV at Super Bowl 2010

FloTV, Qualcomm‘s mobile television service, has a range of television advertisements to be shown during and around the 2010 Super Bowl game. CBS sports commentators Jim Nantz and James Brown appear in 30 second commercials, while The Who’s collaboration with will.i.am and Slash in a remix of their track My Generation provides viewers with a connection with Oxfam’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

Will.i.am in FloTV Super Bowl Ad

Injury Report

CBS sports commentator Jim Nantz will throw a spotlight on how FloTV’s “personal television” can help a guy stay connected to a favorite sports match even while he’s shopping, offers a humorous play-by-play of a couple on a shopping spree. The spot also will feature Nantz delivering a highly memorable and amusing tagline that’s sure to enter the pop-culture lexicon.

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Driven Crazy

CBS Sports commentator James Brown helps a family on a road trip find peace by introducing them to the FLO TV Auto Entertainment service.

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Will.i.am’s remix of The Who’s “My Generation” as done by will.i.am provides the musical backdrop for a compilation of historical events and shared experiences that have united generations of television viewers. The full-length single features guitar legend Slash. will.i.ams fresh twist on the lyrics underscores the ways in which different generations are affected by technology and how viewers today consume content on the go. The song will be available for download on Amazon.com, dipdive.com and TheWho.com, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefitting Oxfam Americas Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

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FLO TV Incorporated, will.i.am and The Who have announced that 100 percent of the proceeds of will.i.am’s full-length remix of My Generation will be donated to Oxfam’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund. “We were in the middle of a remix for a Super Bowl ad of one of the great songs of our time – ‘My Generation’ – when this tragic earthquake hit Haiti,” said will.i.am. “I was moved to do something, and I immediately reached out to Pete Townshend and FLO TV. We decided to come together to create a full-length version of the track. This version will contain additional lyrics not included in the commercial, and all proceeds from the song will go directly to benefit the victims of Haiti.”

“All three spots introduce viewers to mobile TV and our FLO TV Personal Television, which are some of the many ways in which FLO TV lets people take live TV with them wherever they go,” said Jayne Hancock, vice president of marketing for FLO TV. “A devotee of technology, will.I.am has consistently embraced new concepts that push the envelope both musically and visually, while Nantz and Brown are synonymous with all sports. We’re thrilled to be working with all three to help raise awareness for the emerging mobile TV category and our brand.”


Agency: Magner Sanborn and Agency 3.0 and Membrain.