FIFA World Cup Story’s In The Details

The Times Middle East continued the award-winning “Story’s in the Details” campaign with “FIFA World Cup”, a print advertisement featuring a deer’s head trophy. “True liability for France’s tainted victory over Ireland following Thierry Henry’s handball remains a controversy. But when consideration is given to referee Martin Hansson’s background as a professional firefighter and a hunter by hobby, it becomes difficult to excuse a lapse in alertness, especially when the stakes are high and the outcome decides the players in the upcoming FIFA World Cup.”

The Times FIFA World Cup print advertisement

The campaign also took on a cricket flavour. “The next time an accusation of ball tampering brings a cricket test to scrutiny as it did in the case of England vs. South Africa, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on the bowlers and check if they are sneaking a mint in their mouths. Mud, sweat, and even sugary spit are but a few of the tricks used in the game to alter the swing by polishing one half of the cricket ball.”

The Times Cricket print advertisement


The FIFA World Cup ad was developed at JWT, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by creative director Russel Heubach, copywriter Sally Amirza, art director Tambourgi and account manager Omar Adaoui.

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