FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

Qatar has won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, after competing with the USA, South Korea, Japan and Australia over the last year. The Qatar 2022 Bid YouTube channel has 33 videos ranging from launch introductions, commercials and spots featuring the facilities on offer. The campaign is held together with the visual image of five-sided particles.

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Bid shapes

Click on the image below to play the Introduction video in YouTube

“Hide and Seek” features bid ambassadors Ronald de Boer, Gabriel Batistuta, Sami Al-Jaber, and Pep Guardiola. Imagination is only the beginning! Click on the image below to play the Hide and Seek commercial in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Puzzle commercial in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Five Stadiums video in YouTube


The Puzzle ad, along with the line “Expect Amazing”, was developed at Team Young & Rubicam Dubai by executive creative director Shahir Zag, creative directors Guilherme Rangel and Wilbur D’Costa, client service director Matt Collier. Filming for Puzzle was shot by director Joeri Holsheimer via Czar and New Moon. Post production was done at The Mill.

Filming for the Introduction was produced at DTM, Doha, using Italian director Marco Della Fonte.

  • Thanks Matthew. I’ve amended the post accordingly.

  • Matthew Collier

    I’d just like to clarify that Y&R Dubai did not produce the “campaign” for the Qatar 2022 bid, we did two pieces of core work.

    1. We created the line “Expect Amazing” which has been the linchpin of the campaign
    2. We created the 60sec ‘puzzles’ TVC

    Besides that, Y&R Dubai is not responsible for any other work of the campaign bid – which, in my opinion – lost its way.

    The work that we did produce on behalf of Qatar 2022 we’re very proud of and we believe is by far the strongest that came out of their bid team.

    Matthew Collier
    Client Services Director
    Y&R Dubai

  • Tarek Nasr

    @Matthew — Though I commend you on the great slogan and agree that the “Puzzle” execution was better than the “Hide & Seek” one I disagree on the fact that they lost their way

    Also the piece with Zidane ( launched 3 weeks prior to them winning the cup was absolutely brilliant; a very strong campaign from start to finish, all those who took part should be commended

  • Tarek Nasr

    Hey Duncan; check out my marketing case study on the Qatar 2022 bid;

  • Graeme

    Office workers playing football outside in the 45 degree heat, in their corporate attire? There’s something you don’t see everyday in this region!