Fiat Contradictory Sayings

The Fiat 500 is being promoted in a print advertising campaign featuring contradictory sayings, referring to the customizable nature of the vehicle. With more than 500,000 ways to customize a FIAT 500, its impossible to be wrong. “Endless possibilities. None of them wrong.”

Fiat Girls

Fiat Men

Fiat Boys

Fiat Women

Fiat Couple


The Contradictory Sayings campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Madrid by executive creative director Chacho Puebla, creative directors Francisco Cassis and Sergio Lobo, copywriter Francisco Cassis, art director/illustrator Sergio Lobo, creative advisor Tura, account director Ricardo Del Campo, account supervisor Elisabetta Lerbini, account executives Bárbara Giganto and Sabrina Culurgioni, working with Fiat marketers Renato Del Bino, Óscar Sáenz San Martín and Lola Salardón.


The Fiat campaign, as pointed out in the comments below, appears to draw from work done by Cristóbal Schmal, a freelance illustrator in Berlin, originally from Chile.

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  • Larissa

    does Leo Burnett think plagiarism is nice? oh I think so.

    • ExDDB

      What are they plagiarizing? the art, the idea, the style?

  • Édouard

    The illustration, are you blind?

  • Marky

    Hahahah and the “original” Chiprilox steal it from Luci Guitierrez.


  • Luci Lover

    I think it is worse an artist which steals from others artists: the advertising agency is not an artist, they need to sell… anyway they made more drawings, so what’s the deal??? Luci is the best!!!!

  • joe

    The argumentation of luci lover is strange beyond believe.
    If anything, it is worse if the advertising agency steals BECAUSE they are making money of it. And anyway, do you think it is ok, that big comanies or agencies are making big bucks from ripping up somebody who has probably not al lot of money and get’s paid NOTHING for it?
    I mean really, what are you thinking, do you think artists don’t need to sell? Where does the money come from they need for food, rent or their family. Do you think they can paint it…?

    And i cannot understand or believe how somebody could not recognize that this is obviously plagiarism,
    It is the same figure without the mustache and the tie. One red and one blue speaking bubble..

    Comparing the figure by Lucy Guitierrez with the one by Chipirilox, they don’t share anything, apart from that they are both in profile, and that the nose is three-cornered.

    Anyway, i think these commenters are from this agency or friends…

  • Zal

    It’s very probale that a few comments are from the agency or friends, because they don’t want problems knowing that what they did is totally ILLEGAL, yes ILLEGAL, can you read that?
    I L L E G A L.
    Even if they’re making money with the project, even if they get profit from it.
    By the way, they won’t say
    “Yes, that’s plagiarism,we’re sorry” until they have a huge fine to pay.
    The comment of Luci was wrote before the thinking.
    Sorry for the english. But this advertisement is creeping me out.
    We just noticed this plagiarism, but I’m sure there are a lot of them already.
    All for the money,uhuh? sad….

  • Luci Lover

    Zal And Joe, you are friends of the illustrator, no? I’m agree on you guys that one of the illustration was copied and probably that one was the start of all the series, but we are chatting about the idea and the concept, and that is not steal, not at all. But your angry against advertising make you blind.

    By the way I don’t know this guys in Leo Burnett, but I used to work there several years ago…