Feel Your Boobies For Me

Pennsylvania not for profit Feel Your Boobies has awarded a $10,000 USD prize to Adam Stein in Los Angeles for making the funniest PSA for breast self-examination. The YouBoob Funniest Video Contest was produced by the Feel Your Boobies Foundation as part of the 2010 National Feel Your Boobies Week campaign. Nearly 90 video submissions were received, all focused on the theme, “How do you remind your friends to ‘feel their boobies’?” Public voting took place from October 11th, 2010 through October 27th, 2010 to select the Grand Prize Winner. See more on the campaign on Facebook and YouTube.

Feel Your Boobies site

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Feel Your Boobies was founded in 2004 by Leigh Hurst, who was diagnosed with breast cancer at 33. Having found her lump accidentally, rather than through a formal self-exam, Leigh became convinced that simply encouraging young women to fondle their own breasts as often as possible was the best way to promote early detection. Click on the image below for Leigh’s explanation in YouTube

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