Roger Federer in Lindt Airport Campaign

Lindt USA is running a television and online advertising campaign featuring Lindt Global Brand Ambassador and Swiss tennis star Roger Federer. The new TV spot “Airport” follows Federer through an airport security screening in Paris. The commercial takes a comical turn when two female security agents find it nearly impossible to resist Federer and the Lindor Truffles he is traveling with. The ad culminates with the security agents taste testing the Lindor Truffles, ultimately confiscating them for further “investigation.” The campaign is being shown in tandem with the US Open, a tournament Federer has won five times in the past six years.

Roger Federer in Lindt Chocolate advertisement

In addition to the ad, Lindt is celebrating perfect matches on the court. For every match Federer wins during the Open, Lindt will donate $1,000 to the Roger Federer Foundation, focused on education for disadvantaged children in Africa.


The Federer campaign was developed at Gotham Inc, New York.

Filming was shot by director David Gray via Les Télécréateurs, Paris, with director of photography director of photography Steeven Pettiteville.