FCUK For Man and For Woman

French Connection UK is running “For Man” and “For Woman”, parallel advertising campaigns designed to attract the attention of each gender. The “Man” campaign, online at manifesto.frenchconnection.com, draws on classic gender stereotypes associated with old fashioned French cinema, backed up with Twitter and Facebook. The “Woman” campaign has its own Facebook and Twitter presence but no specific microsite.

FCUK for Man FCUK for Woman

Men have lost the ungentle art of manliness. The man in the street doesn’t know what to bring to a knife fight. He gets nervous around large fish. He can’t tie a full Windsor. It’s time to man up. He is handsome. Naturally, he is handsome. He’s powerful. Perhaps as powerful as a bullock. But do not let him daunt you. He knows about warp and weft, about women. His love for his beard is fierce and raw. He knows that a beard is a poem. Do not touch his beard. If you do not know so much about the beard, The Man can help you. He’s the face of spring 2010 and he wears French Connection. This is him……

Click on the image below to play the Man video in YouTube

Look. She stands. She sits. She… reclines. Meet the woman for a second. But be careful. She is charming. She is beautiful. She will make your mind wander. She is coquettish, coy, a botherer of boys. That’s enough of her for the moment. We’ll leave her be to the woman’s site where she can be a lady of leisure. Maybe we’ll look for her again another night… Introducing the woman for French Connection Spring/Summer 2010.

Click on the image below to play the Woman video in YouTube

The Manifesto site, a manly man’s blog, features contests and instructions on the art of man, compiled by an editorial team hailing from Vice, The Face and The Juke. One of the first challenges featured dares men to charm women on ChatRoulette contest, promising them an FCUK voucher worth 250 pounds if they succeed. In homage to all super powerless heroes, French Connection has launched a range of limited edition Kick-Ass T-shirts to coincide with the launch of the new movie. Visitors to the site are invited to track down the guy who’s stolen the T-shirts, using the clues released on Facebook.

French Connection Man site

French Connection Woman site

French Connection Man Woman print ads

French Connection Man Woman print ads

French Connection Man Woman print ads

French Connection Man Woman print ads

French Connection Man Woman print ads


The For Man and Woman campaign was developed at Fallon London, by executive creative directors Richard Flintham, Dirk van Dooren, art director Selena MacKenzie, copywriter Toby Moore, and agency producer Gemma Knight.

Filming and photography was shot by directors Leila and Damien de Blinkk via One Six 7 Productions, London, with producer Abi Hodson and director of photography Tariel Meliava.

Editor was Ben Campbell at Cut & Run. Post production was done at The Moving Picture Company.

The Manifesto site was developed at Poke London.

  • Kofia Nyeusi

    Male chauvinism, even if attributed to the French, does little to improve the brand, in my opinion. And, what’s more, the Manifesto concept has already been done by Dockers in the USA.

  • thomas hunter

    The man looks like a f&*king tramp. Case closed bitches.

  • Question Everything

    Is this not a form of expression? I do not agree with the themes portrayed, however,in all fairness if the designer of the campaign really does believe in this idea that that is what a woman is and that is what a man is than what gives us the right to say their opinion is incorrect, this is highly interpretive which must be kept in mind. We all have freedom of expression.

  • Marla

    One of the stupidest campaigns I’ve ever seen in my many, many years of being in the fashion industry – and there are some strong contenders.

    The massive images on the Oxford St store in London have the side by side “This is the Man” “This is the woman” images. It would more accurately read:

    This is the Kiddy Fiddler
    This is the Kiddy

    Woman indeed! How ridiculous. Reminds me of that brilliant line that Emma Thompson delivers in “An Education” to Carrie Mulligan after she says ‘i suppose you think I’m a ruined woman’ – “ha. you’re not a woman!”. Brilliant.

    And what is the point of the stereotypes they promote?! Men are brainless hunters and gatherers, and woman are anorexic vain brainless morons. Well done FC, and goodbye. FC has finally lost me, in every sense of the word.