Fanta Never Say No To Fun

Coca-Cola Israel launched Fanta FBALL bottles in April 2010 with the creation of the FClub, a social network designed to introduce teenagers to the brand’s message, “Never Say No To Fun”. The club provided teens with a range of spontaneous, exciting and full of fun experiences under the roof of one brand: Fanta. Tens of thousands of teen’s registered with the club via Facebook or via text messages. Every few days a text messages was sent to their mobile phone. Those teenagers spontaneous enough to be the first to respond were rewarded with access to club members only events, including a yacht party, a spontaneous flight to London, a pool party, a live stand up comedy show on a plane, a flash mob party, and an overnight party in an ancient forest.

Fanta Never Say No To Fun Yacht Party

70 spontaneous teenagers got into Fanta’s yacht party in the middle of the sea, loaded with games, prizes, contests, and plenty of Fanta.

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Coca Cola collaborated with Israeli 24 music channel to take 24 teenagers on a flight to London for 24 hours of fun. Club members were invited by SMS to come with their passport to the channel’s pop up Studio in Jerusalem, with the first 24 getting the prize.

Fanta Never Say No To Fun Flight

Coca Cola hosted a huge summer party for the first 2500 club members to respond to a facebook invitation.

Fanta Never Say No To Fun Pool Party

The first 70 respondent to a text message won a ticket to a live stand up show on a plane for club members only.

35 spontaneous teenagers were given 1,000 NIS (Israeli currency) and a flashlight and were sent to mob Lee Cooper store, one of the hottest denim brands in Israel.

Fanta Never Say No To Fun in Lee Cooper store

“Nowhere Night”, the closing party of the club, was held in the middle of one of Israel’s most ancient woods. Fanta’s shuttles brought 1000 fast responders to a secret place in the woods for a party that lasted all night long.

Fanta Never Say No To Fun Party


The Fun campaign was developed at Promarket Israel. The video was edited by Flix.

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