Eternal Moonwalk

Studio Brussel, a music radio station in Belgium, paid tribute to Michael Jackson after he died in June 2009 with Eternal Moonwalk, an interactive campaign online at The site took user-generated videos of people doing their own version of Michael Jackson’s moonwalk, edited them together to create the never ending moonwalk. Each clip features the dancer’s name and location. It’s easy to share, equipped with a search function, a moonwalk meter, and Michael Jackson’s typical screams. The campaign won a Gold Direct Lion and a Silver Cyber Lion at Cannes International Advertising Festival.

Eternal Moonwalk

The campaign was launched via influential blogs, Twitter and Facebook. A radio commercial supported the site, and during their radio shows the Studio Brussel presenters invited people to participate. Several moonwalk banners were put on music platforms. In no time was booming all over the Internet. Every day a new top ten of the best moonwalks was posted online, inspiring people to join and enjoy. All of this resulted in a boom in visitors to the site, with a peak of over 338,000 visitors per day.

Click on the image below to play the campaign video.

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The Eternal Moonwalk campaign was developed at Mortierbrigade, Brussels, by creative director Jens Mortier, copywriter Arnaud Pitz, art director Sebastien Devalck, producer Patricia Vandekerckhove, strategy director Stephanie Zimmermann, Group94 owner Pascal Leroy, Studio Brussels marketing manager Peter Claes, marketing assistant Katrijn Dewit and head Jan van Biesen, creative directors Joost Berends and Philippe Deceuseter.