Emily The Strange Be Yourself

Italian lifestyle brand Emily the Strange has pitched itself headlong into the Be Yourself movement, encouraging fans and all people to be express themselves freely. The Be Yourself website, www.beyourselfmovement.com, features a cityscape dotted with blank billboards and advert spaces for visitors to decorate or grafitti as they please, with the resulting banners going live on a network of sites. The brand’s manifesto states, “We believe it’s much better to live life in the way one wants rather than fitting into someone else’s model. […] We believe in freedom of expression, constructive criticism and the democracy of communication. Essentially, it would be better if people could feel themselves, without the need to be compared to false idols.”

Emily The Strange Be Yourself site


The Be Yourself site was developed at Soolid Comunicazione, Reggio Emilia, Italy, by Alberto Alberti and Pietro Cottafavi.

EMEA licensee for the brand, Pier Spa, found the Be Yourself movement close to Emily The Strange’ values and contacted them. Soolid Comunicazione, the agency that is handling communications for the brand, had to find out a solution that does not distort the movement’s values and at the same time could be sponsored by Pier Spa.

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